Alexander Dennis

Global bus manufacturer AlexanderDennis achieves a proactive fleet management solution and long-term partnership with Gofor.

Alexander Dennis Case Study
Client: Alexander Dennis
Fleet Size: 92 vehicles
Industry: Bus Manufacturer
Location: UK

Built upon a history and heritage of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence, leading global bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis benefits from proactive fleet management and a long-term partnership with Gofor.

Solutions Provided

  • End-to-end fleet management
  • Driver and fleet management technology
  • Proactive account management
  • Electric fleet transition
  • Fleet Management Reporting
  • Bespoke vehicle livery

The Challenge

The automotive industry continues to go through a period of uncertainty. Vehicle manufacturing, where shortages in stock and general vehicle availability are prevalent, has been a major factor in this uncertainty, and it was under these conditions that global bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis reached out to Gofor for our expertise and guidance on where best to source  fleet vehicles for their business.  

As transport and mobility are at the core of their business, it’s crucial for their company fleet to perform and support their international business at every stage of service.  To achieve this, Alexander Dennis required a proactive, flexible and resolute fleet management solution which could be adaptable in line with the changes in their business.    

Delivering a Solution

To support the company, our Head of Sales, Paul Gordon, and Product Growth Manager, Michael Hook, worked together to define a strategic approach to the Alexander Dennis fleet, one which combined regular in-agreement fleet reviews with proactive account management, ensuring that the Alexander Dennis were able to gain the confidence and trust that comes from having a better managed and organised fleet.  

“It was clear from the beginning that the Alexander Dennis team were very open to the ideas and solutions we provided, particularly, the added value in rolling out our fleet management technology, with capability to manage vehicle mileages, and track roadworthiness.”
Paul Gordon, Head of Sales at Gofor  

Another crucial element for our partnership was supporting Alexander Dennis on the their electric vehicle transition journey.  A dedicated team was put together to work on this fleet transition, beginning with constructing and writing a new electric vehicle policy for both drivers and the business, including a review of charging infrastructure options and an assessment of who within the business should qualify for an EV.  At the heart of Alexander Dennis’s company strategy is the move towards zero emission buses and vehicles in their fleet, developing this EV policy has been a key contributor to this.

Finally, despite LCVs being some of the most difficult vehicles to source, the team at Gofor were able to enhance the company’s fleet with Vauxhall Combo Cargo vans. Furthermore, in their journey towards zero-emission mobility, Alexander Dennis embarked upon developing a new brand identity to emphasise their agility and innovation - the Gofor team were able to provide new racking and livery for the vehicles, to help visualize and advertise this new identity.

“In working with Gofor, we have a confidence that our fleet management extends beyond the day 1 of our agreement. We have a partner who is continually engaging with us about our vehicles, ensuring we are getting the value, insights and recommendations that will keep our fleet as efficient as possible.”
Name, job, Alexander Dennis

The Result

Gofor are proud to have a long-established relationship with the Alexander Dennis business and the fantastic people within it. It's a relationship that has survived challenging times within both the automotive and fleet industries and is thriving today.

Crucial to this has ben the formation of a dedicated customer success team to support the client in their day-to-day challenges and queries, alongside the being a key enabler to the development of longer term strategic check-ins that make sure the fleet is as efficient as it can be.

Today, Alexander Dennis have a fleet that is on-brand, contributing to their zero emission goal and crucially, is delivering on-going, proactive value to their business.  And it's a partnership that we are incredibly proud to be a part of.

Alexander Dennis Vehicle Livery
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