Could your business benefit from flexible vehicle hire?

You may have vehicles off the road, delays with long-term leases, a probationary need for new employees, or a desire to kick-start your fleet electrification journey with a test drive on electric vehicles.

With Flexible Hire, you access a full range of EV, PHEV, and ICE cars and vans while comparing prices and vehicles to get the most suitable agreement for your business. And with hire terms ranging from three months to two years, you’ll benefit from much greater flexibility than a traditional daily rental.

Benefits to Your Business

Flexible Hire offers a series of benefits to your business, with a wide range of vehicles ready to meet your needs

Optimised Costs
Vehicle Flexibility

Access to vehicles when you need them with a flexible and innovative solution tailored to your specific fleet challenges

Supercharge your electrification journey

Choose from a huge range of EVs and plug-in hybrids, reducing fuel costs, CO2 emissions and drivers’ Benefit-In-Kind bills

Rapid on-the road response

We’ll get you on the road within 4 working days of agreeing your flexible rental hire

Peace of Mind

All vehicles include full maintenance, glass and tyre replacement, and accident management

An Electric Future with Gofor

Thinking About Going Electric?

Electric vehicles are becoming more common as a more comprehensive selection of cars and vans comes on the market, ranges improve, and the charging network begins to ramp up.

Use our Flexible Hire as a testing ground for going electric. Access to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids means you can easily set up a risk-free electric vehicle pilot programme within your business.

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Have you got a shorter-term need?

Flexible Hire is typically three months to 2 years, but what if you have an unplanned or shorter-term need for a car or commercial vehicle?

We offer high-quality vehicles with many of the benefits of our Flexible Hire product, including drop-off and vehicle return arrangements to suit your business.

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