Understanding your EV opportunity

An initial deep dive on your existing fleet, understanding your EV opportunity and how to make the most of your fleet electrification journey

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Working with your drivers

We will review the habits and behaviours of your drivers, covering attitudes towards electric vehicle driving, ease of transition and crucially, who could be your early adopters

A charging infrastructure assessment

Looking across your driver network and office locations, we'll map out your electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This will ensure know how, when and where you can charge your vehicles, keeping your business on the road

Developing your electric vehicle policy

Working with you to fully understand your business, we'll develop your internal fleet electric vehicle policy, ensuring all your drivers know the framework around which the can operate their electric cars and vans

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Salary Sacrifice

At Gofor, we also offer Salary Sacrifice as another funding option. Your employees agree to sacrifice a portion of their gross salary in return for a company car.

It's a tax and cost-efficient way of offering attractive employee benefits while reducing your business’ carbon footprint. We help businesses implement the salary sacrifice scheme, and then organise the financing and management of the vehicle.

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