MOWI Scotland Case Study

MOWI transitions its fleet of 133 vehicles to all-electric solutions with strategic insights, and a dedicated fleet management partnership with Gofor.

Client: MOWI Scotland
Fleet Size: 133 vehicles
Industry: Aquaculture
Location: UK

Forming a key part of their Blue Revolution global sustainability strategy, international aquaculture business MOWI is transitioning its fleet of 133 vehicles to all-electric solutions within a dedicated fleet management partnership.

Solutions Provided

  • Electric Fleet Transition Strategic Insight
  • Dedicated Internal Client Team
  • Driver Support (Jaama App)
  • Regular Client Telephone & Email Support and Contact
  • Fleet Management Reports

The Challenge

At the core of Mowi’s global strategy is its aim to lead the Blue Revolution - an ocean sustainability program which focuses on delivering aquaculture that is supported by environmentally and socially responsible practices and regulations for the industry.  

Their Blue Revolution strategy is aligned and integrated with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and several achievable long-term targets form the basis of their guiding principles. 

In the case of Mowi Scotland, their organisational goal as part of the Blue Revolution strategy, is to achieve a zero-emission or hybrid fleet by 2025. From the outset, Mowi were open to the Gofor team’s ideas and strategies to deliver a tailored solution that met the company’s expectations, particularly regarding mileage management and vehicle condition guidance. 

While the company was ready to make the transition to an electric fleet, they needed the support of a professional and experienced partner to assist in taking the leap towards the transition, to effectively set them up with ongoing support in the months and years to come. 

Delivering a Solution

Our clients are at the heart of what we do, and it was clear that Mowi Scotland would benefit greatly from partnering with Gofor to achieve their fleet goals.  Gofor Head of Sales, Paul Gordon, set up a dedicated internal team with whom Mowi Scotland could communicate directly with at each stage of the process: 

“From the beginning of our discussions with Mowi Scotland, it became clear that a proactive and dynamic approach to fleet management was going to add value.  Before committing to a solution straight away, we embarked on a series of meetings with the client to understand the business, the fleet, and ultimately, how we could dovetail our services into the current operations to ensure a more streamlined approach to fleet management. Without the vision and buy-in from Piotr, Ian and Becky, none of this would have been possible. They have been open, honest and willing to consider all angles available, which has been incredibly exciting.”
Paul Gordon, Head of Sales at Gofor.

The internal team offered regular strategic insights and guidance on which vehicles would be best suited for the company and its needs.  As an initial step in transitioning their fleet, Gofor suggested two Citroen E-Space Tourer electric vehicles, which Mowi will use to transport staff to and from work between the two highland routes of Inverness to Inchmore, and Fort William to Lochailort.  As part of Gofor’s future EV transition for the Mowi fleet, the team assisted the company in writing its policy and provided guidance and advice on how drivers take advantage of the financial and environmental value for EVs within the pay grade. This in turn, would make it easier for drivers to reduce their BiK rates.  The dedicated Gofor client team also worked in partnership with manufacturers to arrange test drives of a range of electric vehicles for drivers so as to better reassure Mowi Scotland’s staff of the proposed changes being made.  With personalised fleet conversations, expert guidance and understanding of the technology involved, and providing advice whenever the company needed, the team were able to deliver a 360-degree experience for the client, effectively emulating their future partnership.

gofor and mow reps pictured in front of new vehicles
“At the heart of Gofor is our focus on delivering high quality customer service.  We’re all about actually taking the time out to speak to our clients on the phone, rather than just email.  We want our clients to know that we care, and how better to reinforce this than connecting with them over a phone call to manage their queries and expectations.”
Graham Lesslie, Managing Director at Gofor

The Result

With two new electric vehicles to add to their fleet, and more to follow in the next few years, Mowi Scotland has taken the proactive approach of installing electric charging points at both of their Inchmore and Lochailort hatchery locations.

Speaking of the new electric vehicles, Allan Macdonald, Area Manager with Mowi, is delighted with the environmental and organisational benefits of the new fleet additions:

“In addition to the clear environmental benefits from this move, thanks to the electric people carriers, it is now easier to transport staff to and from their place of work which is a real advantage that will also help with recruitment in the future.”

With Gofor’s dedicated team leading on aiding Mowi with its strategic planning, and the new electric vehicles in their fleet, the company can now focus on expanding its e-fleet requirements at its larger sites, as Purchasing Manager, Ian Barrett explains: 

“We now have e-vehicle charging points at the Farms Office in Fort William as well as our hatcheries at Inchmore and Lochailort.  The plan is to install charging points to our larger sites such as Blar Mhor and Kyleakin Feed Mill."
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