Penderyn Distillery

Penderyn Distillery and its employees benefit from a fully implemented Salary Sacrifice scheme, with electric vehicles now in use across the business

Welsh Whisk barrels within distillery, with gofor branding
Client: Penderyn Distillery
Industry: Food and Beverage
Location: UK

Penderyn Distillery is the home of the Welsh Whisky Company, producing award-winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. They are an incredibly environmentally focused company, committed to their net zero ambition.

Solutions Provided

The Challenge

Nigel Short is the business owner of Penderyn Distillery, home of the Welsh Whisky Company, with a passion for doing the right thing environmentally. Nigel wanted to ensure the business had a positive impact, intending to reduce its carbon emissions. And he’s taken some significant steps.  

Penderyn Distillery has solar panels on the distillery roof, and has installed charging stations at its workplaces, meaning free charging at work for staff with electric vehicles – ensuring the facilities are available to support staff who want to move to electric. But Nigel wanted to do more, and offering a Salary Sacrifice scheme was the next step to benefit the environment and his employees.  

Whisky barrels inside the distillery
Welsh Whisky Company at Penderyn Distillery

Delivering a Solution

The Gofor team was approached to take Penderyn Distillery through the benefits and options available, guiding them through the scheme and how it works.

Once Nigel and the Penderyn senior management team were fully aware of and behind the scheme (with benefits including saving on NI contributions and delivering on their environmental strategy), Gofor then presented to the employees who could take up this fantastic, unique, and innovative company benefit.  

Gofor offered guidance through the whole process, including:

  • Highlighting the tax and National Insurance savings available
  • Offering the opportunity for Penderyn to play its part in a greener strategy
  • Support to make the switch to EV straightforward and accessible for all involved  
  • Detail on fuel savings on EVs compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles

Staff outside the distillery on a sunny day
The Penderyn Distillery team

The Result

Penderyn Distillery and its employees now benefit from the fully implemented Salary Sacrifice scheme, with electric vehicles now in use across the business. Alongside the undeniable positive environmental impact they are delivering, the company also hopes to realise the longer-term benefits around both employee retention and new employee attraction that an employee benefit such as Salary Sacrifice brings.

Furthermore, as Gofor is a full-service fleet management company, Penderyn Distillery can call upon a broader range of services beyond their Salary Sacrifice scheme, all ensuring all the vehicles they operate run efficiently and cost-effectively.

“I’m delighted with my new Genesis Gv60. The car arrived within eight weeks of my order - which was one of the key factors behind my decision. It’s a brilliant car to drive, and I’m delighted to have been supported to switch to an electric vehicle using such an innovative scheme.”
Laura Davies, General Manager for Distilleries, Penderyn Distillery

“I’m excited that we are partnering with Gofor in bringing this additional benefit to our team – we are committed to encouraging green driving but providing electric charging is only the first step. This salary sacrifice scheme means all our employees can not only personally benefit but help us deliver on our net zero ambition.”
Stephen Davis, Chief Executive, Penderyn Distillery
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