Roc Technologies

Leading IT transformation and Managed Services company Roc Technologies came to Gofor with a specific CO2 reduction target for their business.

Roc Technologies
Client: Roc Technologies
Fleet Size: 35 vehicles
Industry: IT Transformation Services

Solutions Provided

  • Electric fleet transition
  • Fleet management policy development
  • Driver support with app
  • Fleet management reporting
  • Bespoke vehicle livery
  • UK-wide vehicle delivery

The Challenge

With a specific CO2 reduction target for their business, Roc required a new policy to transition drivers from ICE to EVs, set up as a whole life cost model. It needed to be financially viable to transition drivers and reduce their average CO2 emissions by over half, to 64 grams.

There was also an additional logistical challenge: Roc required vehicles to be delivered to different sites in different parts of the country in the Roc-approved livery.

Delivering a Solution

Gofor supported Roc technologies with a range of solutions, including policy writing, driver support (with the Gofor driver app), a dedicated, proactive account team, and regular Fleet Management reports.  

With regards the Roc fleet, Gofor provided Hybrid, LCVs, and EV estates.

Niche requirements, such as cars for engineers that needed decent boot sizes to fit their equipment and materials were accommodated, with SEAT Leon PHEVs estates meeting this need. The administration of the Roc fleet was simplified with Gofor enabling the streamlining of from fleet providers from four to sole supplier.

Gofor’s time-saving tech platform and driver app provided further fleet admin support, moving Roc away from using their traditional, manual fleet management logs.  

With regards branding Roc's fleet, Gofor worked with SEAT to secure an increased discount and with Mediafleet in a three-way partnership  to provide bespoke livery. Gofor and Mediafleet organised the design approval of the livery for all necessary vehicles and at a competitive price. Furthermore, the team at Gofor took care of the logistics with engineers,  contacting them at multiple  locations to ensure the branding work was complete with minimal service  disruption.

The Result

Roc achieved its business objective of reducing emissions while better managing fleet expenses through increased discounts and whole-life costs.  

Following the implementation of a Driver App and Fleet Portal, there was a fantastic uptake in Gofor’s value-added service, with an adoption rate across the fleet of 95%. Drivers now have the facility to record any defects incurred on their vehicles, ensuring a swift repair and minimal work required at the end of the contract. The Driver App also improves the safety of the Roc drivers as it provides instant access to appropriate parties in the event of an accident. Roc can now access a full monthly fleet report highlighting areas of action required; however, with the buy-in from drivers and management, this fleet is already on its way to being self-managed.

The continual mileage updates from the entire fleet allow Gofor to conduct regular mileage reviews and ensure that current contract mileages are appropriate and new contracts are written based on real-time data rather than historical estimates.  

Gofor also received excellent feedback from Roc about the speedy turnaround of the livery production and the quality of the work and planning.

A great team effort all around!

“The Gofor team fully supported us to realise our emission reduction targets; they understood the challenge and supported us every step of the way.
Transitioning our drivers from ICE to EVs was not simple, but we had a great partnership with Gofor which delivered a great result for our business and our drivers”.
Claire Thompson, Fleet and Facilities Manager

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