Gofor: Werfen case study

Gofor delivers the personal touch for Werfen

Client: Werfen
Fleet Size: 80
Industry: Healthcare

Werfen powers patient care. The business is dedicated to research and development, manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic systems for hospitals and clinical laboratories. Werfen is a global leader in specialised diagnostics of haemostasis, acute care and autoimmunity. It operates directly in 30 countries and has its UK headquarters in Warrington, Cheshire.


Werfen had previously worked with a large fleet supplier and was looking for a fleet management specialist that could deliver a more personalised service.

Gofor started working with Werfen at the end of 2020. The partnership has developed over the last three years and Gofor is now the preferred supplier.

The challenge

 Werfen needed a fleet partner who could provide a more pro-active service and work directly with its drivers. Werfen was also focused on making its fleet greener and required expert support with the move to lower emission vehicles.


Solutions provided

Gofor developed a tailored fleet management solution for Werfen, which included:

  • ✓ Full fleet management
  • ✓ Driver policy review
  • ✓ Pro-active account management
  • ✓ 1-2-1 driver support
  • ✓ Driver app & platform onboarding
  • ✓ Salary sacrifice

Delivering the solution

Gofor has created and delivered a tailored service for Werfen - including reviewing its fleet policy and providing one-to-one driver support. The fleet management provision was further extended in 2023, when Werfen acquired another business which boosted its UK fleet by a third.

“Partnering with Gofor has been a real step change for our business. We’ve benefited from Gofor’s expert view on our fleet policy which has provided tangible improvements. Our drivers now receive a personal one-to-one service which means they are fully supported - both when they select a vehicle and throughout their fleet journey.  The feedback from our drivers has been excellent.”
Joanne Bennicke, Werfen’s Head of HR

Fleet policy review

Gofor undertook a review of Werfen’s fleet policy. The Gofor team was able to suggest updates to driver bandings to ensure the policy was up to date and competitive. Based on the feedback, Werfen also increased driver vehicle choice which has made the fleet scheme more attractive for employees.

Personalised driver service

Werfen drivers have access to one-to-one support from the Gofor team throughout the vehicle contract - this has been particularly valuable when employees are choosing a car. Gofor’s support means that employees make an informed choice and select the car that is right for them. This has resulted in more effective and efficient vehicle selection and driver feedback has been very positive.

Online fleet management solution

To make managing the fleet easier, Gofor introduced and onboarded Werfen to its driver app and online fleet management platform. The solution provides Werfen with full fleet visibility - including tracking renewals and managing contract mileage. It also makes it simple to keep drivers up to date and reduces administration. When Werfen acquired another company last year, the platform made managing the additional fleet straightforward.

Decarbonisation expertise

Gofor is supporting Werfen with its objective to reduce its fleet emissions. Werfen’s fleet policy entitles all bands of drivers to a higher vehicle allowance if they select an electric car and also provides a home charging solution.  

The Gofor team works with Werfen drivers to ensure an electric or hybrid vehicle will work for their individual circumstances. Werfen has seen good take up of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to date. Gofor expects additional EV take up in 2024 as more petrol and diesel vehicles become due for replacement.


Salary sacrifice

To further reduce its carbon emissions, Werfen has recently rolled out Gofor’s salary sacrifice scheme for non-company car drivers. The highly tax-efficient offering includes a portal to facilitate vehicle choice and early sign up has been encouraging.

The result
  • ✓ Improved fleet policy
  • ✓ More efficient driver vehicle selection
  • ✓ Supported, informed fleet drivers
  • ✓ A lower carbon fleet
  • ✓ Smooth management of inherited fleet
  • ✓ Salary sacrifice rolled out

“I’m so pleased to see the positive impact of Gofor’s personal service on the Werfen business. The one-to-one driver support has made the vehicle selection process much more efficient, plus we’ve driven down fleet emissions. We’re looking forward to continuing to support Werfen with its electrification journey as we continue the salary sacrifice scheme rollout.”
Kashif Hussain, Gofor Account Manager

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