Podpoint EV charging stations installed at Gofor Headquarters

August 31, 2022

Popular EV charging company Podpoint provides a workplace charging solution for our clients and employees.

Podpoint EV charging stations installed at Gofor Headquarters

Why workplace charging?

Asa business, we care about our impact on the global environment, and we aim tofollow environmental practices which reduce our carbon and ecologicalfootprints.  At Gofor, we’re on a journey towards achieving zero emissionsfor our business vehicles - what better way to reach this goal than by offeringour clients and employees the facilities to charge their EVs at work? 

Why now?

Currently, the UK government offers businesses funding through the Workplace ChargingScheme (WCS) to cover the costs of purchasing and installation of workplacecharging stations [1].  The funding available allows organisations toenable receive financial support for up to 75% of the total costs.

Thegovernment grant has been positively received with many local governments now offeringfree support to SMEs.  Recently, Nottingham City Council announced thatthey would offer an additional £15,000 on top of central government’s grant[2].    

Moreover,with the net zero 2030 deadline looming, it’s important for us to facilitatechange to support our staff and our transition as a business.  

Why should other businesses follow suit?

Withthe move from digital to onsite meetings, clients and partners are now moreflexible than they have been in recent years to visit workplaces:

Podpoint EV charging stations installed at Gofor Headquarters

Steven Donnachie of Neogen EMEA with our Senior Account Manager Kashif Hussain charging his BMW 530e while visiting the Gofor Headquarters.

Promoting workplace charging enables businesses to stand out from the crowd, as it showsa readiness and acceptance of the change that needs to happen leading up to thenext zero emissions decade. 

It also provides employees with peace of mind, if they are considering the switchto an EV or a hybrid vehicle; knowing that they can comfortably charge while atwork will help deal with any range anxiety which may prevent them from makingthe switch. 

Before purchasing his electric vehicle, our Head of Sales Paul Gordon said that RangeAnxiety was the primary reason he had avoided purchasing an electric vehicle:

The first thing that always came to my mind was 'what if I run out ofcharge?.  In recent years I've actively made the decision to follow a moresustainable lifestyle, and I realised that owning an EV would mark a big steptowards achieving that change.  So I decided to do my research, find outas much as I could about EV charging and range, and then in 2019 I took out alease on a Polestar 2.  Honestly, I haven't looked back - I drive moreefficiently and there’sa vast information network for charging points on apps like ZapMap and ABRP.  Now with workplace charging available too, I always know that I'll have enough charge for every journey.
Podpoint EV charging stations installed at Gofor Headquarters

Head of Sales Paul Gordon charging his Polestar 2 at the Podpoint charging stationat Gofor Headquarters.

Interestedin making the switch? Giveus a call to have a chat about transitioning your business fleet to an EV orhybrid vehicle.


https://lnkd.in/eQbBxwqA - government scheme [1]

The Economist - https://futurepresent.economist.com/how-will-workplace-charging-impact-your-business/ [2]

Further Reading

Podpoint workplaces link - https://pod-point.com/solutions/business/workplace-charging 

ZapMap: https://www.zap-map.com

ABRP: https://abetterrouteplanner.com

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