Salary sacrifice: Ben's electric vehicle story

February 1, 2024

Ben at Roc Technologies shares his story on why salary sacrifice works for him

Salary sacrifice: Ben's electric vehicle story

In the summer of 2023, Roc Technologies appointed Gofor to manage their new electric vehicle salary sacrifice plan.

A UK technology business working with customers whose security and the protection of sensitive data are critical, Roc launched their salary sacrifice plan to encourage more employees to consider driving electric vehicles.

Senior Network Security Engineer Ben Steed was one of the first to take up the offer.

We asked Ben to share his salary sacrifice story.

What car did you have before you took advantage of the Roc salary sacrifice benefit?

Before I took up the salary sacrifice benefit, I had a 2007 Audi A5 TDI Quattro.

What EV are you running now and why did you choose this model?

I went for the MG 4 EV Trophy Long Range.

I really liked the appearance of the car and it had very enthusiastic reviews from the motoring press. I was sold on it within a few minutes of test driving one at my local MG Dealership and the fact that it could accommodate both front and rear facing child seats with tall adults sat in the front meant it was a perfect size.

Ben's MG4 at Roc HQ
Do you consider it a good deal?

Yes. With the insurance, servicing and maintenance is all included in the monthly sacrifice amount it's easy to manage the costs. Additionally no up front deposit was good, unlike a personal contract purchase or hire purchase.

I didn't have to think about an up front deposit and I have peace of mind as all associated costs with the car are reflected in the monthly figure.
What appealed to you about salary sacrifice?

The scheme was launched at my workplace at the right time and place as I was looking to replace my 2 door coupe with something more practical for transporting my family about. I didn't have to think about an up front deposit and I have peace of mind as all associated costs with the car are reflected in the monthly figure. It is also reduces income tax liability so is an effective way to get access to a new vehicle than doing it out of net pay.

Are you converted to electric cars?

100%, driving electric is less stress and far more relaxing then a conventional ICE vehicle. The one pedal driving and regenerative braking whilst both at first are strange concept they are easy to get used to and I really miss them when driving conventional vehicles!

A huge thank you to Ben for sharing his salary sacrifice story, and to the wider team at Roc Technologies who have embraced their salary sacrifice benefit.

Ready to support your green agenda with a salary sacrifice scheme?

Get in touch to find out how partnering with Gofor will benefit your employees and your business.

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