Key Insights from BVRLA Fleets in Charge Webinar

March 9, 2023

Paul Reeves reflects on the recent BVRLA Fleets in Charge webinar

Key Insights from BVRLA Fleets in Charge Webinar

This week Gofor Account Manager Paul Reeves joined a number of colleagues from around the fleet and electric vehicle industry at the latest instalment in the BVRLA's Fleets in Charge programme, a webinar on the challenges fleets face in their efforts to decarbonise.

The Fleets in Charge programme explores the latest technologies and business models and the policy environment that surrounds this. The programme provides a platform for expert speakers from across government, automotive and the fleet sector to share their research, views and insights into the current journey towards transport decarbonisation in the UK.  

Paul joined a webinar that looked at the UK’s growing charging infrastructure and the role of fleets in driving the EV Infrastructure Strategy

In this article, Paul share some of his insights.

Commercial vehicles operators need to see more progress

There is an increased focus on the charging infrastructure in place and the accessibility for commercial vehicles but there is clearly a need to go faster and do more in this respect.  Concerns remain around the charging network availability, particularly around public charging, even down to some basic challenges about the size of charging bays often not being fit for purpose for commercial vehicles.

There are potential solutions on the horizon with calls for targets to be brought into help increase the focus on commercial vehicle charging, while exploring how local businesses with depot charging points can open this out  to other business being mooted as positive steps for consideration.

Preparing for 10 million electric vehicles

There are currently one million electric vehicles on UK roads, a number that is estimated to grow to over 10 million by 2030. This will place a huge pressure on the power available in the National Grid with energy providers and vehicle manufacturers both working to ensure we stay ahead of this curve.

Initiatives being considered by energy companies include low-rate tariffs, designed to encourage users to charge domestically during off-peak times, and are being trialled across the country.  From a vehicle manufacturer perspective, developing smarter EV’s, where power within the vehicle is managed on an at-need basis, will ensure more economical driving and use of battery.

Government investment is critical

The evolution needed in the UK’s electric vehicle infrastructure needs commitment from business, vehicle manufacturers, energy companies, and many more within the private sector, however, government-led support, and investment, is a fundamental requirement.

Crucially, it appears the government is listening. As recently as February 2023, the UK government launched a £56m investment to increase charge points across the country with commitment to an additional 2400 charge points planned short term and thousand more in the long term.

Furthermore, additional investments are being made. An £8m local electric vehicle infrastructure (LEVI) scheme will  equip local authorities with the skills and ambition to scale-up their charge point planning, while a further £7m for on street residential charge point scheme (ORCS) is also available to further support more local authorities to roll out electric vehicle charge point.

“The Fleets in Charge webinar was a great opportunity to understand the latest thinking in charging infrastructures, EV supply and consumer attitudes.  For my clients, it will give them lots of confidence that the infrastructure will be there to support their fleet electrification journeys”


Alongside helping companies such as Mowi to decarbonise their fleet with the introduction of electric vehicles, we’re supporting customers with schemes such as Salary Sacrifice to help drive the electric vehicle revolution.

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