Salary sacrifice: Laura's electric vehicle story

December 22, 2023

Laura at Penderyn Distillery shares her story on why salary sacrifice works for her

Salary sacrifice: Laura's electric vehicle story

We've been working with Penderyn Distillery, home of the Welsh Whisky Company, to provide their salary sacrifice for electric vehicles since 2022.

The company produce award-winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. They are an incredibly environmentally focused company, committed to their net zero ambition - and the perfect salary sacrifice partner.

We asked Penderyn general manager for distilleries, Laura Davies, to share her salary sacrifice story.

What car did you have before?

Before I took up the salary sacrifice benefit, I had a Ford Kuga

What EV are you running now and why did you choose this model?

I chose a Genesis GV60 . I loved the look of the car and was impressed by the range of features listed for it. It's also got a good range (around 280 miles) which is essential as I travel regularly for my role.

Laura with the two Genesis GV60s taken under Penderyn Distillery's salary sacrifice scheme
Do you consider it a good deal?


“I’m delighted with my new Genesis Gv60. The car arrived within eight weeks of my order - which was one of the key factors behind my decision. It’s a brilliant car to drive, and I’m delighted to have been supported to switch to an electric vehicle using such an innovative scheme.”

What appealed to you about salary sacrifice?

It seemed like a cost-efficient way to obtain a new car; it was easy and quick to sort, and means I don't have to think about servicing, maintenance costs, etc. It's all taken care of, so I have peace of mind – that's incredibly appealing when I have a busy job, a young family and I travel between north and south Wales for work regularly!

Are you converted to electric cars?

Absolutely – I love my vehicle and the experience of driving an EV. The EV infrastructure isn't perfect yet, but it's constantly improving, and I've done several, regular long journeys with no real issue around charging.

A huge thank you to Laura for sharing her salary sacrifice story, and to the wider team at Penderyn Distillery.

Ready to support your green agenda with a salary sacrifice scheme?

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